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Shopping for Supplies

The first thing that needs to be done, is to make sure that we have all the supplies that we need to make as many cookies as we need to make. The students usually made about 4 batches of cookies a week. The students look at the supplies we have and then create a shopping list of the things that we need for this week's shopping trip.
After they have made their list, the students would check the Shoprite ads to see what was on sale that week.

Check the ShopRite ads to see what is on sale this week!

Then the students checked to see if they could save any extra money on these items by using a coupon.

Making the Cookies

The next day the students would work together in two groups to make the cookie dough. Each person had a job and they rotated jobs with each batch of cookies they made. There was a mixer, chocolate person, and dumper (the person who put in the ingredients as they are needed). Students had to follow the recipe that they had to measure out the ingredients and follow the directions.

The students would make 4 batches each week, sometimes 5 depending on the amount of orders they had. After they made the cookie dough, they put it into baggies and refrigerated the cookie dough overnight. The next morning the cookies will be out into the oven and ready to be sold at snack time.

Other Recipes the Students Considered Making