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Selling the Cookies

During snack time on Fridays, the students would sell their warm Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Each student had a particular job, just like when they made the cookies, and the students rotated jobs every week so everyone had a turn to do everything. One student was the cashier, one student bagged the cookies and gave them to the customers as they ordered, two students bagged cookies that were preordered, and the other two students delivered the cookies that were preordered.

Managing the Cookie Account

After the sales of the cookies, the students had to count their profits. Students would split up into pairs and each pair was responsible for counting either the bills or the quarters, etc. The students would write on the board how much they counted for that particular coin or bill. Then another pair would count the same thing just to double check. After everything was counted, the students totaled their profit for the week.
The students then took out their account books they had made and then recorded their profits.

What did they do with their profits?

They had a party!!